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Tobacco & Leather


Stranded along a dirt road in the late summer heat of east Texas, Madame hid from the sun under her parasol and watched the silhouette of a figure on horseback slowly grow closer. She could just make out a cowboy hat, and a guitar strapped to the rider’s back.


The stranger laughed at Madame’s goatee and she giggled at his accent. He helped repair the busted wheel on Madame’s vardo, and by evening the two had built a fire. Deciding it was always good to have another minstrel on board (not to mention a helpful set of hands), Madame invited the troubadour to join her caravan. “Of course, darlin” the troubadour’s baritone reply, with a slight tip of his hat.


Madame’s Troubadour scent is a blend of rugged saddle leather, tobacco leaf, coriander, clove and toasted oak.

. . . . . . . .


A special blend of nourishing natural oils to promote healthy facial hair. This formula will hydrate, soften, smooth and strengthen. Lightly scented with the Madame's Troubadour fragrance.


1.0 oz. amber glass jar with dropper and waterproof label, packaged in a sturdy matte black box. Both label and box boast uniquely subtle glossy design elements.

Troubadour Beard Tonic

  • Jojoba oil, argan oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, fragrance.

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