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Stoic figurehead. Soapmaker. Perfumer.

Lover of antiques, chocolate and shoes.

Riley Corrine


Relentless perfectionist. Beard enthusiast.

Whiskey-swilling workhorse.



Scodioli Creative launched in 2009 as a line of unusual bath and beauty products, conceptually modeled around the American traveling carnival from the late nineteenth century through the dust-bowl era. We draw our inspiration from gypsies, carnival folk, restless spirits of all kinds. We are heavily influenced by our location (central Kansas, where the wind is abundant and trees are scant) and its history.

. . . . . . . .




Rumor has it that Madame Scodioli, our line's iconic bearded lady, began her business while traveling the carnival circuit with her troupe. Nomadic types tend to get a little ripe on the road, so after the gates closed and all was quiet on the midway, Madame would retire to her wagon and spend her evenings making soap and other curiosities for the performers.


But what would a bearded lady know about hygiene? Goodness, plenty! After a long day of displaying her petit goatee to the crowd, the Madame loves nothing more than to climb into her clawfoot tub. Then, naturally, she emerges to brush her face one hundred times on each side. The Madame is all about fine grooming.


We view the Madame as an icon for unconventional beauty as well as individuality and confidence. The Scodioli line focuses on distinctly unique unisex scents for those who march to the beat of their own drum.

. . . . . . . .




Oh yes, that is me with a beard, but I like to tout myself as the Madame’s assistant. For the sake of the brand, I prefer to keep our identities separate. I'm a one-woman show. I make the product, design the labels, handle packing and shipping, promotion, photography, everything. (I wear many hats. I'm told I have a good face shape for that.)



Riley Corrine

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