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Who is the Madame, really?

Meet her here.


Are your products all-natural?

Our scents contain a blend of essential oils and highest-quality synthetic (man-made) fragrance oils. For this reason, we make no claims that our scented products are "natural". Also of interest: whenever possible, we buy certified organic and sustainable ingredients for our products.


Are your products vegan?

With the exception of the scented balms (which contain beeswax), yes the products are vegan.


Are your scents for men or women?

Our fragrances are "for one and all". We don't like to designate anything as masculine or feminine – we feel that most of our fragrances are unisex.


Do you use lye to make your soap?

Yes, you cannot make soap without lye. If you've had a friend tell you he/she has made soap without handling lye, it was probably "melt and pour", in which the lye has been incorporated earlier in the process. We introduce a lye solution (sodium hydroxide and distilled water) into our unique recipe of nourishing oils and butters. The outcome is soap. Beautiful, useful, magical soap.


How do I use the solid perfume/cologne?

Simply rub your finger over the surface of the perfume, and then apply to skin, preferably your pulse points (your body heat will strengthen the scent).


Can I use my solid perfume/cologne as a lip balm?

Nooo, don't do that. These are for external use only, please. You wouldn’t use your spray perfume as a breath freshener, would you?


Do you wholesale?

Absolutely! You can find more info here.


Do you white label your products?

Sorry, no. It’s the beard or nothing, baby.


Who does your label design, photography, etc.?

It's all done in-house. We do offer design and photography services here.


Will you blend a custom fragrance for me?

Probably not. It's not that we don't want to. The thing is, fragrance blending takes time, and time is an asset we are always lacking. (It's also terribly expensive.)


Will you send me samples of your products so I can review them on my blog, youtube channel, etc?

You pay for it, we'll ship it to you.

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